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New Zealand approves docking

FOLLOWING ITS acknowledgment of new scientific evidence - and showing support for traditionally docked breeds - the New Zealand government officially approved tail docking earlier this month.

CEO of the New Zealand Kennel Club, Mr Brian Priest, told the Annual Conference of Delegates that the Minister for Agriculture had approved a Code of Welfare, within which was the approval for docking of dogs' tails by Vets and Accredited Dockers.

It was a momentous occasion for the New Zealand Council of Docked Breed's executive committee, which had re-assembled in August 2004 when the proposed Animal Welfare (Docking of Dogs' Tails) Bill was introduced into Parliament as a Private Member's Bill. Since then the NZCDB's list of achievements has been so significant as to attract not only global recognition, but world wide admiration for its tenacity.

In its policy statement on docking the The NZ Kennel Club states that it promotes responsible dog ownership and believes in the freedom of choice. The statement reads: ‘For animal husbandry purposes and maintenance of the phenotype of traditionally docked purebred dogs, the NZ Kennel Club supports the practice of tail shortening of traditionally docked purebred neonatal puppies of 3 days old or under.

‘It is accepted that the procedure may inflict a degree of discomfort, however it is the belief of the NZ Kennel Club that the short term discomfort is outweighed by the long term management advantages.

‘The NZ Kennel Club does not support tail amputation in any dogs older than three days and the procedure should only be undertaken by persons suitably trained.’

Ronny Engelen, who owns the Millmoor Yorkies told OUR DOGS: ‘Finally a Government that for once does something that really makes sense! If they prove that they can do more of this, to keep up that tendency, then somewhere there is hope ... Let's move to New Zealand!
Wendy brooks of the Jinnybrux Boxer said: ‘Thank goodness common sense prevails somewhere in the world, if not in the UK.

‘Wouldn't it be wonderful if those who pressed for, and got, the tail docking ban here were big enough and sensible enough to admit they got it wrong? I have already heard from several owners of boxers by my own stud dogs who have had to have their tail amputated at an older age due to the damage they have done to it. This is an operation, requiring an anaesthetic, performed as a result of much pain and suffering to the poor animal. It is an operation which incurs more post-operative pain too.

‘I urge owners who have experienced this to contact me as I am NOT giving up the fight to get this stupid law reversed. Make enough noise and someone WILL listen. No matter what breed you have, please send me all the details to’

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