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Changes to printed schedules - Leeds & Paignton

SOME JUDGING changes have been made to the printed schedules for Leeds Championship Show and Paignton Championship Show.

At Leeds Polish Lowland Sheepdogs will now be judged by Mr Albert Wight, whilst at Paignton Retrievers (Labrador) will now be judged by Mr S. Williamson, Leonbergers by Dr M. Boggia-Black (subject to KC approval), Chihuahuas (Long Coat) by Mrs Jane Lilley (subject to KC approval), Havanese by Mrs Clare Coxall (subject to KC approval), Finnish Lapphunds by Mr Jeff Horswell, Norwegian Buhunds by Mr Jeff Horswell, Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) by Mr B. S. Warner, Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay) by Mr R. Morris, Canaan Dogs by Mr Ken Bartlett, Dalmatians by Mrs Mary Sparks and German Spitz (Klein & Mittel) by Mr A. Chambers.

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