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Website company still failing clients

EARLIER THIS year we reported that a number of readers had paid to have a website designed by Mr Richard Bailey, who offered clients website design for their kennels under the company name of Pick of Litter.

At the time there were many people who had not had their web site designed, but had been charged either £99 or £100 each. Speaking recently to people who have paid for a web site it has come to light that people are still waiting for their sites to be designed.

Several have commented that they have emailed Mr Bailey and had no response. The forum to keep everyone updated promised by Mr Bailey never really got off the ground. We joined the forum but each time we logged in there was a section for the administrator to post but nowhere for those waiting for a web site to post and ask questions.

On May 16th a sign on the forum appeared saying that there had been a family bereavement, but other than that nothing has been on the forum to let people know what is happening. We again emailed Mr Bailey but again have had no response at the time of going to press.


Some readers have approached the Trading Standards for the Goole Area but have been told by the Trading Standards office it will be highly unlikely that they will get their money back and it certainly did not look as though they would get a web site designed. As yet nobody appears to have approached the small claims court to try to recover any money paid.

One reader told Our Dogs that she had paid by credit card so thought her money would be safe, but when she enquired about this with the credit card company they informed her that as she had waited over 120 days that they could not get her money back.

Recently OUR DOGS spoke to Marie Miles and her partner Dave Williams. Scanning through back copies of the paper they came across the original article and it has prompted them to write to us with their experiences when they bought a Siberian husky puppy from Mr & Mrs Bailey. Dave Williams bought a puppy from the Baileys on 13th May 2007. At the time of the sale the couple were asked to sign a contract agreeing that if for any reason they could not keep the puppy, it would be returned to the Baileys and their money would be refunded as soon as the puppy found a new home.

Unfortunately for the puppy the older resident dog did not take to the puppy and Marie and Dave decided that it would be best to return the puppy, so after trying to get the two dogs used to each other for ten days they returned the pup. As well as returning the pup they gave Mr Bailey all the equipment they had bought for the puppy and gave him the vaccination certificates detailing the vaccinations they had completed so far.

Marie told us, ‘We initially heard from Faye Bailey about the progress of the puppy and she informed us that a dog trainer had fallen in love with the puppy and looked as though it had a new home. She informed us that as soon as she received payment from the new owners, they would forward our refund. This never transpired. We tried, unsuccessfully, to contact the Baileys by phone many times. Faye Bailey confirmed to my partner’s mother (when we managed to contact Faye), that the puppy had new owners, but that money had not been received.’ Mrs bailey indicated to Dave and Marie that they had had a lot of family problems, which had ‘got in the way of communication.’


When Dave Williams’ mother spoke to Mrs Bailey, she was given the phone number of the pup’s new owner, and told her to speak to the new owners about payment. Marie told us, ‘The new owners confirmed that they had paid the Baileys. On calling Faye Bailey back, she denied this. The conversation did not end well.’

In early 2008 Dave and Marie decided to seek legal advice. They were informed they had a good case and a number of letters were exchanged, but the Baileys still denied that they had been paid for the puppy so were unable to give a refund to Marie and Dave. The Baileys told Dave and Marie the puppy had not been satisfactorily re-homed and the new owners still had not paid for the puppy and that the new owners were not co-operating with them. Dave and Marie told us that the Baileys accused Dave’s mother Mrs Williams of harassment, which Marie said was untrue as Mrs Williams had only spoken to Faye Bailey twice.

Finally in the early part of this year Marie and Dave decided to take the Baileys to the County Court to file a small claims action. On the court date of 3rd April, the Baileys did not turn up and sent a letter stating they had be too upset to attend due to a burglary. They stated in a letter to the judge that the puppy was still in their possession and had never been re-homed. They also stated that the puppy was now a dog and worth very little. Due to evidence produced by Dave and Marie the judge agreed with them and found in their favour. The Baileys were ordered to pay £478 to Dave and Marie by 17th April.

‘As we still have not received anything, we filed a Warrant of Execution in June, to send in the bailiffs. This took costs up another £55. We had this returned to us due to the fact the Baileys had filed to ‘Vary the Judgement’. This overrides our order. They applied to pay us just £5 a month,’ Marie said. ‘Obviously, we are extremely unhappy with this and have sent back to the court a letter stating this. I have included in the letter the fact that I have spoken to The Kennel Club and they have informed me that our puppy had new owners registered on 18th April 2009 therefore payment must have been received. They also informed me that the Baileys had registered 105 dogs since 2004 and only 36 were not listed under new owners. I also included details of your April article, to highlight the Baileys lack of accurate information and the fact that their income would appear to be different to that they have highlighted to the court.’

It would seem that there are many unhappy people who are owed money or a web site by the Baileys, but as yet have heard nothing. As part of our first article we looked at many of the Pick of Litter websites, we have again looked at these and many of seem to be running still and the owners are very happy with them. We have also discovered that Richard Bailey has another web site, offering his services as a web site designer.

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