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Get your brushes ready!

DON’T FORGET this weekend’s Premier groom, which will be held at the KC Buildings in Stoneleigh on Sunday August 2nd, in association with redcape and Groom Team England.

Premier groom is a grooming competition with a difference, a gathering of groomers
who enjoy meeting and talking with fellow groomers, conducted in a relaxed atmosphere. All groomers are encouraged to compete whatever their level of skill. All are welcome, ‘having a go’ is what counts at Premier Groom. You may not achieve a prize but what does await you is an exciting goody bag and lots of encouragement and praise.

Also on offer are educational seminars, demos, advice workshops, as well as a £1,000 reward for BIS (sponsored by WAHL).

Further details on 01535-661776 or 01937-584447

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