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Think more about your dogs, says KC chairman

PEKINGESE BREEDERS and exhibitors have been issued a stark reminder about politics within the breed by the Kennel Club Chairman, Ronnie irving.

In a letter to the canine press, he pointed out that the KC was still eager and happy to work with breeders and lovers of the breed, but that this was becoming increasingly difficult in light of ‘various wrangles’ which the KC had been informed of by letter.

Mr irving wrote: ‘I, as Chairman of the Kennel Club, along with members of Kennel Club staff, have recently received several letters about various wrangles that appear to be going on in the Pekingese world. The Kennel Club has repeatedly advised that it cannot and will not involve itself with the allegations and counter-allegations about the political goings-on within the breed.
‘Can I please ask ALL of those who purport to be Pekingese enthusiasts to start to think more about their dogs and less about their personal animosities?

‘The Kennel Club's decision last year unilaterally to impose a new breed standard for Pekingese, was taken after many years of effort to get Pekingese people to agree amongst themselves what was required. It is disappointing to note that, even after seeing the inevitable results of their inability to agree, the battles appear to continue.

‘The Pekingese as a breed already has enough problems on its hands in terms of health and declining popularity. It is a charming breed and deserves to have a band of enthusiasts who are united in its interest. Pekingese enthusiasts are strongly urged to stop fighting amongst themselves and to start thinking of the future of their breed.’

The request comes in the same week as GSD enthusiasts were told that the CC allocation for the breed in 2012 had been declined, pending serious consideration by all concerned into health matters, judging and the continuing use of double handling around many GSD rings.

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