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Border Collie breeder prosecuted

A dog breeder accused of dumping new-born puppies in suitcases where they were left to die is being prosecuted by the RSPCA.

Amanda Cheadle allegedly dumped the fifteen border collie pups, which were subsequently found stuffed into two suitcases left inside cupboards at a house at Fletching, near Uckfield, Sussex. Brighton Magistrates’ Court was told that some of the dogs were dead or dying by the time they were rescued by the RSPCA.

Ten dogs, surviving puppies and a kitten with an ulcerated eye were seized after officers from the animal charity visited the house in February this year. The RPSCA is to make an application under the Animal Welfare Act at Brighton Magistrates’ Court on July 30 for the animals to be re-homed by the charity.

Ms Cheadle, 57, opposed the application and wants the animals returned to her. Cheadle faces criminal charges of causing unnecessary suffering to the animals by keeping them in filthy conditions and confining the puppies in suitcases, resulting in starvation, dehydration and suffocation. She denies ten charges and a trial will take place at the magistrates court later this year.

The court was told that the RPSCA visited the house in August last year following concerns about the dirty conditions of the dogs, which were allegedly kept in a garage. Magistrates also heard that some of the dogs had suffered injuries after apparently fighting each other.

In February this year when the RSPCA paid a return visit officers allegedly found no improvements in the care provided. When the suitcases were found one held four puppies, including one which was dead. The other held 11 puppies and four were dead. Two of the living puppies had to be put down by a vet. All the puppies are believed to have been a few days old or less than two weeks old.

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Now, it is people like cheadle that should be prosecuted, NOT good caring breeders, that peta, and other a r organizations are tryng to close down.

If animal rights folks get their way, there will be NO pets in our future.

Ever see a sci-fi movie, billions of people not one animal, scary!