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New range to help breeders fight ‘credit crunch’

Breeder LineA new range has recently been launched onto the UK market place by Frank's Pro Gold Premium Dog Foods. The new range is specifically designed to cater for the needs of breeders and will be welcomed warmly in the current economic climate.

The new Breederline range is priced to beat the ‘credit crunch’ without compromising on quality. Using only top quality ingredients Frank's Breederline contains no wheat, soya, colourants or artificial additives and has, say the makers ‘been trialled by many top breeders and kennels with great results’.

There are three varieties in the new Breederline range, all carefully formulated to meet the nutritional requirements associated with varying activity levels. For general use ‘Normal’ with 25% protein and 15% fat is ideal for most life styles, whilst ‘Power’ with a higher 30% Protein and 20% fat is designed to meet the needs of high activity dogs, whelping and lactating bitches and working dogs. ‘Maintainance’ with a lower 20% protein and 10% fat, on the other hand, caters for dogs with low activity life styles or dogs prone to overweight.

For your free sample and more information please call 01704 822757.

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