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CSJ helps Berkshire dogs charity

Drew Hall

Drew Hall has been with the Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs charity since August 2008 and his 17 months old Springer Spaniel ‘Jaspa’ had digestive problems since being a puppy.

Drew says, “We have tried 4 different top brands with no success before being placed on a prescription diet by the vet. This worked but is extremely expensive.

After feedback from the rest of the Berks Search and Rescue team we decided to slowly try and change Jaspa onto the CSJ Command Performance CP21.

He loves the food and it loves him. When given his food it hardly touches the sides, he seems to really enjoy it and comes in licking his lips looking all proud of himself. He is healthy, full of energy and looks good and now looking to the future.”

Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs, are a volunteer search dog group on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The charity relies on donations to stay running and exists to assist Search and Rescue Teams, the Police and other emergency services in locating lost or missing persons.

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