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The breeder to beat at Crufts 2010?

The Kennel Club has announced the first Breeders’ Competition qualifier for the prestigious competition Final to be held at Crufts in 2010.

Mrs P A Wilkinson from Derbyshire, who has been breeding dogs for over 50 years, first entered the competition at its official launch at Manchester Dog Show in January this year and her team of Border Collies have competed in the Breeders’ Competition at seven shows.

Mrs Wilkinson told us: “The Kennel Club Breeders Competition has been a wonderful new addition to the show scene. I am thrilled to become the first breeder to qualify for the grand final and I look forward to competing against all the other breeders out there. have also been lucky enough to have been able to involve some excellent junior handlers who have also loved this chance to show their skills.”

Caroline Kisko, Communications Director at the Kennel Club, said: “The Breeders’ Competition aims to create a new arena where breeders can demonstrate their breeding skills and take pride in showing off their stock. Congratulations go to Mrs Wilkinson and we look forward to seeing her at Crufts 2010.”

It’s not too late for you to challenge Mrs Wilkinson and her Border Collies at Crufts as the Best Breeder. Contact Kathryn Marsh at the Kennel Club at or call 0207 518 1010 for further details.


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