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Busby does it for the Staffords!

Busby the Stafford is on a winning streak!

MARNEY WELLS' Staffordshire Bull Terrier Busby (Beraka Hurricane of Copyhold A Ex CDex UDex) is continuing his winning ways in the obedience ring.

He started by winning his second class A at his first show of the season and has now won a class B at the Taunton Dog Training Club show held on 23rd May 2009.

Marney told OUR DOGS: ‘To my knowledge, there has only been one other Stafford working at this level in the last twenty years and that was June Bolton’s Effie (Tylers Enchanted Princess) who was placed second in a B, but there has not been another Stafford that has won the class, and certainly not one that already has his working trials qualifications.

‘This is a tremendous achievement and one that proves how very clever and trainable this wonderful breed is.’

Has your Stafford had any big wins in the obedience ring? If so, email with news of your win.


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