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UK judges at FCI International Shows

THE KENNEL Club has issued a reminder to all UK judges asked to officiate at FCI international shows in FCI member countries.

Judges are reminded that if they have not been approved to judge a particular breed at Championship show level in this country, or if they are not currently endorsed by the Kennel Club, they should not accept appointments to award CACIBs at FCI International shows.

This applies only to FCI International CACIB Shows. The rules for awarding national certificates, even in FCI Member countries, are dependent upon each country, and in many instances British Open show judges are permitted to award such national certificates.

The policy on awarding CACIBs does not apply to those judges who appear on the FCI Listing of UK Judges, which lists 16 judges who are approved by the FCI to award CACIBs to all breeds which are recognised by the Kennel Club and are eligible for breed show competition in the UK.

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