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Evesham changes

At Evesham & DCS Open Show on 19th July due to the ill health of Mr John Lockett, the Pastoral Group, Australian Shepherds, Collies (Smooth), Welsh Corgis (Cardigan), Welsh Corgis (Pembroke) and AVNSC Pastoral will be judged by Mr Terry Colwell (Pastraka). The replacement judge for Bearded Collies is Toni Jackson (Elbereth).

Other changes are Rough Collies which will be judged by Sue Hewart-Chambers in Ring 11 after Finnish Laphunds; Yearling Stakes by Jacqui Ward and Weimaraners by M. Slimak. Pugs were missed off the Order of Judging but they will be judged in Ring 1 after King Charles Spaniels.

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