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Fun with the Great Swiss Mountain Dog

THE RECENTLY formed Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club will be present at various Fun Days organised by the different Bernese Clubs.

Firstly at the Midland Bernese Mountain Dog Club Fun Day on 19th July at Overseal Village Hall, Derbyshire, where there will be a parade of Great Swiss Mountain Dogs.

Next the inaugural Fun Day of the Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club will be held on 31st October (venue to be confirmed).

Sue Brailey, press officer for the Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club, told OUR DOGS: ‘The Swissies are one of the oldest of the Swiss breeds and at one time were very low in numbers in Europe. They've only recently come into the UK and are growing in popularity as more people come across them; however, there are less than 40 here at the moment.

‘We have breeders in Cumbria, the Midlands, the South and ourselves in the West, and we're very pleased that at long last the KC have put them on the Import Register and accepted the Breed Standard.’

The GSMDC’s website is still under construction but in the meantime you can find out more about the Swissies at

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