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USA set to tighten breeding rules

IT COULD soon be virtually impossible to own a sexually intact registered dog in Los Angeles, USA, if the City Council approves a series of recommendations by the Spay/Neuter Advisory Committee.

Currently there are exemptions for approved show, field trial, performance and breeding dogs registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), and also rare breed and smaller registries, but if the new law is passed then these would soon be cancelled out under these stricter regulations.
Dogs registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC), which is the nation’s largest registry, could not be kept sexually intact or bred in Los Angeles if these recommendations are adopted. This would also apply to dogs registered through the American Dog Breeders Association (American pit bull terriers), the Continental Kennel Club, the American Rare Breed Association, the Australian Shepherd Club of America and the Dog Registry of America.

To obtain a breeding permit, the report recommends requiring that a dog must be temperament tested, have Orthopedic Foundation of America certification for hip dysplasia, meet other unspecified ‘health requirements,’ and have earned or be earning a title in competition through an approved registry.

Dog owners and breeders in Los Angeles are waiting to hear the City Council’s response to the report any day now.

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