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Northern Ireland’s first and only FlyBall team win big!

Flyball Team

THE FIRST ever FlyBall competition was held in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday 13 June 2009, where the K9ARC FlyBall team competed beating all comers.

FendiFlyBall is a fast, exciting four dog/handler team sport, where dogs are released one at a time, to jump over four jumps, press a peddle to release a ball and jump back over the four jumps towards the handlers, all needing to complete the course accurately to achieve a clear round. In FlyBall competition teams of dogs compete alongside each other and the fastest clear team wins.

The K9ARC FlyBall team of dogs include three sheepdogs and a Staffie/Boxer mix as well as a Miniature Poodle in reserve. The team consists of Siobhan & Jake, Claire & Fendi, Jean & Max, and Gareth & Max with Irenë & Soda in reserve, several of which are rescue dogs. All train on a Wednesday evening at K9ARC along with several other dogs who will soon start their own competitive journey and/or many just love it as fun and good controlled exercise for their dogs, in this fast, furious, spectacular dog sport and they already give K9ARC 1st FlyBall ‘Champions’ team serious competition on a weekly basis.

The great thing about FlyBall is that any dog can compete as long as it likes tennis balls along with any handler of any age or any ability, so it is a fully accessible dog sport. Visit for more information.

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