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Obituary - Hope Waters

Hope Waters

IT IS with deep sadness that I write about the passing of Hope Waters (Burydown). Truly a legend in her own lifetime and who now takes her place amongst the great breeders in the history of our Saluki breed. Indeed, she will be mourned by Saluki people all over the world - such was her standing and reputation. A great friend from Canada phoned to tell me that the internet had gone ballistic on hearing the news of her death.

It is difficult to know where to start and put down on paper the story of her life. She has had such an influence on so many people, those of us who were so fortunate to have been allowed to own a precious Burydown puppy and gone on to breed so many champions worldwide.

As a girl, Hope lived in deepest Dartmoor, where her father W. A. Pritchard kept and showed his Brentmoor Irish Terriers, a successful kennel in the early 1920s. These he kept in beautifully built kennels in a valley running down from the moor. Hope lived a rather isolated life - riding to school on her pony and in the winter leaving her school an hour early to ride home across a haunted bridge before nightfall. It was here she was introduced into the dog show world by helping her father run the kennels. Later on in her life she was heard to say, ‘I don’t like terriers and I don’t like kennels.’ This certainly proved to be the case by her only ever having six Salukis at a time and they always lived with her in the house.

In due course she married Rick Waters, a naval officer and they had two children, Tessa and Peter, before his untimely death on active service in the war. Subsequently she married Rick’s younger brother Lt. Cmdr. David Waters who had been a POW for five years. In 1948 the family settled in Joylons, a house built by John Galsworthy, at Bury on the edge of the Southdowns, hence the affix Burydown. On moving to Jolyons with their Dachshunds they decided to look for a larger type of hound and having looked at the Greyhound and Afghan they saw a picture of a Saluki in a book and as they already shared an interest in the Middle East and its association with the Bedouin hunting breed this seemed to appeal to them both. In later years they jointly wrote The Saluki in History Art and Sport. This was a sumptuously illustrated and informative book on the breed in all its aspects and in my opinion has never been surpassed. David with his knowledge of history was a world authority on navigation, having been a Director at the Maritime Museum at Greenwich and his knowledge contributed greatly to the scholarship of the book.
It is not possible to write about all of Hope’s successes with so many champions across the continents: Scandinavia, Canada, the US and Australia. Her most famous Saluki of all was Ch Burydown Freyha, a beautiful cream bitch who went Reserve BIS at Crufts 1964. She was a ‘beautiful mover, so well constructed and she hypnotised the judges by looking at them like dirt,’ said her owner. Freyha was 8? years old at the time and was almost semi-retired. However, spurred on by this wonderful win she went on to win 10 more CCs.

To name just a few of Hope’s many champions Freyha’s litter to Wellington Krim produced Ch B. Pasha 8 CCs and 11 RCCs (owned by Tessa Abbott, Hope’s daughter), Ch B Palmyra 6 CCs and 11 RCCs and Australian Ch B Pearl. From Ch B Innana to Wellington Krim Hope kept Ch B Valmiki, 6 CCs and 11 RCCs. Multi Ch B Vasha went to Holland and produced spectacularly for Tim Teiller, and I was blessed with Ch Yazid B Vasara 9 CCs and 5 RCCs. Three years later Hope’s ‘Y’ litter produced Ch B Yehudi, 3 CCs and 2 RCCs who I was more than fortunate to own, a truly dual-purpose hound and outstanding on the coursing field. Sonia Lambrinudi owned Ch B Yanaina 3 CCs and 2 RCCs. The list is endless and there will be heaps more people who will list their favourite Burydown. There is one beautiful cream Saluki that in the opinion of most was almost perfection, she was Ch B Iphigenia owned by Jeanna Jacques who had 24 CCs. Margaret Coe owned Ch B Ishahar, Iphigenia’s sister and did very well in Canada. Brigitta and Bjorn Backstrom in Sweden owned Multi Ch B Ozimcadricas and B Octavia all being beautiful cream Salukis.
Hope always felt it was essential to produce Salukis that were more than just show specimens. Many Burydown Champions have excelled on the coursing field winning major stakes and dominating the dual-purpose trophies. It was meeting Kenneth Cassels in Scotland that started the Deerhound/Saluki meetings in the Highlands, which was considered the coursing highlight of the year. The terrain was so alien to Salukis, being desert hounds, they managed the deep heather and hidden boulders magnificently showing their amazing stamina in often atrocious weather.

In her eighties Hope moved to British Columbia in Canada to live with her great friend Carol Adley, who shared Hope’s love of the breed and together they bred a few more puppies. For the past year Hope had lived in a nursing home and was of course treated like a Queen!

I have many marvellous memories of Hope. Who can forget her homemade apple cider made from apples from her garden at Jolyons, which she used to bring to the shows - we would not dare drink it today! Of wonderful evenings in the Scottish Highlands - Hope in some outrageous fancy dress - dancing an Eightsome reel well after midnight with Anastasia Noble.

Hope was funny, feisty, gregarious and loyal. She always commanded respect, was so generous to the Saluki Club, presenting wonderful trophies to be won. She also held garden parties at Jolyons each summer in aid of Saluki Welfare. She will be much missed by hundreds of people all over the world. She has left us with wonderful memories, and a standard to always aim for.
Our heartfelt sympathies go to Tessa & Tim, Annabel & Stephen and their families.

Christine Ormsby


Name: Joëlle Oldenbourg

Comment: Dear Mrs. Ormsby,
Your announcement has no  precision of time but I would like to thank you for it. Yes, Mrs. Hope Waters has left us with wonderful memories. Mine started when I discovered her beautiful Salukis at the 1070 Cruft's in London. A few years later, for our Honey moon I wanted to go to her Jolyon's Manor to meet her and the Burydown family. She welcomed us with so much kindness and delicate thoughts. We were lucky enough to be accepted by all of them and their devoted breeder most probably concluded that we, unpolite young Frenchies arriving like Spring flowers without any apointment, nevertheless, deserved a nice cup of tea and a lovely home made cake ! I was then eager to start  Saluki breeding. She said very solftly that this needed full dedication, that it was very difficult to find them adequate homes, to stard and to carry on breeding in perfect conditions. She also explained why it was good that Salukis be protected from becoming fashionable, that the day they would become "
 trendy" the breed would soon come to the end. I was very much deceived as Salukis were already my "great love" but I can see today how right she was then. I feel very sorry to see that some lineages are more looking like Setters than Salukis, I am very sad when I see Salukis being on sale so easily or given "freely" on Internet. I never bred Salukis but they have been over the past 40 years the most wonderful companions of my life. At present, I have 3 sisters Saluki at home, rescued from "breeders" who do not deserve this name... None of the 3 will never win a CC but I love them. When I bought them they were looking more like rubbish, they were ill, now they are happy and healthy. All over the past years, I had this wonderful visit to Jolyon's in my mind and spirit and I still thank Mrs Waters for her sincerity to these unpolite Frenchies and her deep dedication to Salukis. No doubt Mrs. Hope Waters will be much missed by hundred of people around the world. Whenever she is
 now, I thank her for this gorgeous afternoon by her side at Jolyon's and I hope that all the beings she brought up and loved so deeply are around her to keep an eye on her sweet home made cake ! With my deepest thanks,
Joëlle Oldenbourg
présidente Galgos Ethique Europe, France

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