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Montgomery judges confirmed

MONTGOMERY COUNTY Kennel Club will hold its All-Terrier Show on Sunday 4th October 2009 at Montgomery County Community College, Route 202 and Morris Road, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.
Royal Canin, internationally renowned in Canine Health Nutrition, has partnered with Montgomery County Kennel to celebrate the 75th annual All-Terrier Show.

The 2009 Best in Show judge is Peter J. Green, Bowmansville, PA. There will be 20 National Clubs holding Specialties and 5 National Clubs supporting their entry. There will be Sweepstakes in 14 breeds. Cesky Terriers will compete in the Miscellaneous class. Entry info can be found at:

The judging panel is as follows: Terrier Group and BIS Mr Peter J. Green; Airedale Terriers Mrs Michele Billings; American Staffordshire Terriers Mr Gary L. Doerge; Australian Terriers Mrs Lenora M. Riddle; Bedlington Terriers Mrs Lenora M. Riddle; Border Terriers Mrs Margaret B. Pough; Bull Terriers Mrs Lynne M. Myall; Cairn Terriers Ms Peggy Beisel-McIlwane; Dandie Dinmont Terriers Mrs Kate M. Irving (UK); Fox Terriers - Smooth Mrs Lydia Coleman Hutchinson; Fox Terriers - Wire Mr Harry O’Donaghue (Ireland); Glen of Imaal Terriers Mrs Peggy Haas; Irish Terriers Mr Robert J. Moore; Kerry Blue Terriers Mr Edd E. Bivin; Lakeland Terriers Mr Philip Greenway (Wales); Standard Manchester Terriers Mr Randy E. Garren; Miniature Bull Terriers Mrs Lynne M. Myall; Miniature Schnauzers Mr James G. Reynolds (Canada); Norfolk Terriers Mrs Linda C. More; Norwich Terriers Ms Sandra Goose Allen; Parson Russell Terriers Mrs Sheila Atter (UK); Scottish Terriers Mr Fred R. Stephens; Sealyham Terriers Mrs Britta Roos-Borjeson (Sweden); Skye Terriers Dr Kirse Sainio; Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers Mrs Patricia V. Trotter; Staffordshire Bull Terriers Mr Carl E. Gomes; Welsh Terriers Mrs Ruth M. Prehn; West Highland White Terriers Mr W. Ronald Irving (UK); Misc. Class (Cesky Terriers) Mr Peter J. Green.Replacement judge

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