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Vote for your favourite veterinary nurse

THE BLUE Cross, Britain’s pet charity, is calling for nominations from veterinary practices across the country for its Veterinary Nurse of the Year Award 2009.

The annual award is presented at the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) Annual Congress. It recognises the contribution of veterinary nurses in educating the public about responsible pet ownership and the welfare of pets in the community. This year’s Congress will take place on 9-11 October at the Kettering Conference Centre, Northamptonshire.

Last year’s award was won by Rebecca Darbyshire for her outstanding contribution to animal welfare, both within her veterinary practice and among the local community in Pocklington, York. Rebecca Darbyshire was nominated by vet and colleague Matt Brash at Battlefields veterinary clinic in Pocklington.

Mr Brash said: ‘Rebecca is an outstanding, unassuming professional nurse. She runs all of the clinics that a modern day nurse does, but still has the time for anybody - whatever they need, whenever they need it. She has developed such a close relationship with our clients that they would often rather see her than a vet!’

Nominations for this year’s award can be made by completing the nomination form on The Blue Cross website at: or by contacting Sally Leathem on 01993 825577. The deadline for nominations is Friday 14th August 2009.

The Blue Cross has taken the lead in animal care for over a hundred years. Its four animal hospitals provide a lifeline for pet owners on low incomes. Its community vet services also cater for elderly and disabled people. Without the charity’s hospitals, and the services they provide, many people would be without the benefits that pet ownership can bring.

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