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Allen Parton meets the Queen

Allan and Sandra Parton had a royal appointment last week when they met HRH The Queen at the the opening of the new British legion HQ.

The Queen asked Allen about how Endal was (they have met before at Windsor Castle) and she enquired about EJ's (Endal junior) progress which caused some laughs when Allen claimed his training was going brilliantly, which caused Sandra to be asked, ‘is that true or just a man’s view’ and Sandra replied, ‘well nearly!’

Allen told us: 'It was a wonderful honor to have Sandra with me there as well and it was lovely to chat about Endal. When you come back injured you feel you have let Queen and country down, you live with the guilt so to meet the Queen it restores your pride and makes you feel people care. It was an absolute honor to be there for the opening and see the British Legion moving into the next century.’

You can meet Allan and Sandra on the OUR DOGS stand in Hall 2 at Crufts, where they will be signing copies of their new bestselling.

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