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Limited staff at the Kennel Club during Crufts

THERE WILL be a limited number of staff manning the Kennel Club’s offices in London and Aylesbury from Wednesday 4th March to Monday 9th March inclusive.

The Kennel Club’s centre in Aylesbury will be operating a limited call centre service, and will be available to respond to telephone enquiries relating to the registration system and its associated functions as well as Petlog enquiries. Please note that due to the limited resources available to deliver these call centre services it may take longer than normal to answer calls.

Customers will continue to be able to contact the Healthcare Plan department. Departments at Clarges Street will also be open but will be operating on a very limited basis during this period.

Customers are requested to avoid contacting the Kennel Club from Wednesday 4th March to Tuesday 10th March. Full services will be available from 11th March. Please note, during the week following Crufts there is usually a significant increase in the number of telephone enquiries and therefore unless your call is urgent it is recommended that you call from the week commencing 16th March to avoid being held in an extended call queue. Your patience is appreciated in this busy period.

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