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Competition winners!

TICKET WINNERS for the East Anglian Game & Country Fair are: Mrs Corinne Douglas from Norwich, Ms Wendy Simmons from Norfolk, Ms Sallie Ryan from Leicestershire, Mrs Jane Eyeington from Essex, Ms Jane Derbyshire-Heal from Manchester, Mrs Jacky Watson from South Yorkshire, Mrs S. Marshall from Essex, Ms Catriona Price from Gloucester, Mrs K. Palmer from Nottingham and Ms Anne Wood from Hull.

Winners of copies of Peter Purves’ autobiography Here’s One I Wrote Earlier... are: Ms Hazel Jackson from Derbyshire, Ms Gayle Thomson from Lanarkshire and Ms Judi Robjohns from Somerset.

Winners of copies of Allen & Sandra Parton’s book Endal: How One Extraordinary Dog Brought a Family Back From the Brink are: Ms Chloë Gardner from Hertfordshire, Miss J. M. Maddox from Warwickshire and Mrs Ann Gaskin from North Yorkshire.

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