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So long, Endal...
the big yellow says bye to Crufts

THERE WASN’T a dry eye in the house as Crufts said farewell to one of its favourites guests. Last week’s show saw Canine Partner, Endal, bow out at his 13th consecutive appearance at the show, and owner Allen Parton said he was prepared for it to be an emotional few days.

Allen and EndalEndal’s very last job was adding his pawprint to copies of Allen and Sandra’s best-selling book, Endal, which sold out on the Our Dogs dogs stand within an hour of the couple arriving to sign copies. Allen told us after the show: ‘We can't between us think of a nicer place to have been and with a better group of folk to be with on Endal's final public appearance. I always felt like I'd never find the special camaraderie one experiences in the services outside in civvy street, but a day with you guys proved me so wrong.

‘Last year was meant to be Endal's final Crufts but we didn't know than about the book then...but despite all that fate has thrown Endal's way on health issues, the big yellow has never let any of us down. 13th Crufts under his belt he left the NEC head and tail high..having won over some more hearts and fans. Often folk just think of this partnership as Allen and Endal..but in a Princess Diana speak... there has always been a third person in this relationship and for once Sandra had her very deserved moment of fame.

‘I guess the emotion of being at Crufts with all our friends and Endal (despite the vet offering to put him to sleep six months ago) with my very special mate still at my has thrown the Parton's and canines a few curved balls but we have overcome them. Never forgetting to look over our shoulder and remembering all those that have enabled the Allen and Endal partnership to be as successful as it all are very much part of that special group of people who have made our partnership what it is today. thank you never seems enough to say it is meant from the heart, thank you all at Our dogs for being there for us all in the Parton Household.

‘I am also really pleased that EJ's first Crufts and public appearance was shared with Our dogs!’
Editor ali Smith said: ‘Allen, Sandra and Endal have always been close to our hearts. The special relationship between allen and endal is just wonderful to see, and it was an honour to be chosen as the place where endal made his very last public appearance. here’s to the next 13 years with EJ, a mischief if ever I saw one!’


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