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Humberside Hound heads home!

Exercise Area

The Humberside Hound Association was founded in November 1981 and held its first show on November 12th 1983; it was a 76 class Open show and the Best in Show judge was Cathy Sutton. The Venue was the Costello Sports Centre, on the Western outskirts of Hull. Sadly the Sports Centre was sold into private ownership and dogs were no longer welcome. The last show at this venue was 18 November 1995.

The Association’s shows were then staged at a number of ‘interesting’ venues, including an Edwardian Auction Gallery, then a Leisure Complex in very close proximity to an Army Transport Museum; following that, the show was held in the Large Hanger at an Aircraft Museum near York before finally settling-in at the Sports Hall of the School at Snaith near Goole.

The Association gives great thanks to the regular exhibitors who have given support throughout the years, however as more and more exhibitors have discovered the really great Humberside Association Shows, the Association has now outgrown the Snaith venue!

There is, traditionally, around one quarter to a third of all dogs absent at any show. Had all of the entered dogs turned up at the past three Humberside Hound shows - there would have been nowhere to put them!

An experiment with outside rings was tried in November 2007 - it worked after a fashion. (Although dry, it was very cold and quite windy). Some exhibitors and their dogs loved it - others hated it. However, it has to be agreed that outside in Mid November is not everyone’s (dog or exhibitor’s) idea of fun!

Sports Hall

On the same day as the April 2008 Show, the school held an event and they restricted the availability of parking for the dog show exhibitors who had to park on the busy main road and walk a long distance with their dogs and equipment. For the Humberside Hound Association Committee this was the last straw. They agreed absolutely that due to the super entries from regular exhibitors, they deserved better than this. So, with the current lack of cage space, coupled with the difficulty in parking, another bigger venue was a very urgent MUST have.

The Costello Athletics Stadium (HU4 6XQ) IS that venue. The Sports Hall is quite roomy - and large enough to accommodate a 50 metre straight running track! There is also a large ‘long jump’ sand pit at one end. Neither facilities will be needed for a dog show - though there has been a suggestion that the sand pit would make a nice indoor exercise area! There is enough room in the venue for 5 big rings - or 4 big rings and a dedicated cage area. The venue has a certain amount of seating - mostly in the shape of exercise benches.

Attention please

We must draw exhibitors’ attention to one very, very important thing. There is a Public Park adjacent to the venue and the general public walk their dogs in that park. We are all aware that not every pet owner will ‘pick-up’ after their dogs on grassy areas. Under such circumstances, if exhibitors also walk their dogs in the Public Park - the really vital thing that the HHA require of them is ‘pick up’ so that the Humberside Hound Association cannot be blamed for any dog mess.
The first show at this venue will be held on Saturday 18th April. Schedules have been circulated but are available from the Secretary, Mrs P M Wells - telephone 01964 542744. Entries close on 18 March. All the Hound breeds are scheduled and there are Import Register classes also.

Subsequent shows have been booked for the foreseeable future - always on the third Saturday of November and the third Saturday of April. Mark your diary for this and future years.

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