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Research teams will join forces

A decision has been reached between the APGAW committee headed by Mr Eric Martlew MP and Professor Sir Patrick Bateson, chair of the Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding, set up and funded by Dogs Trust and the Kennel Club to share information and knowledge, gained from the two inquiries, into dog breeding.

Our Dogs has previously questioned why all the different organisations were doing separate reviews and nobody was working together when all stated they wanted to achieve the same end goal. It would seem that sense has prevailed between these two bodies, and breeders, owners and other experts can provide evidence to one group and the other group will be able access this important contribution.

Eric Martlew MP stated that “I am delighted Professor Sir Patrick Bateson has been appointed to lead the Kennel Club/Dog’s Trust review and I look forward to continue discussing the matter with him to find the best way forward. I believe two concurrent reviews taking place at the same time can be very positive with both groups putting forward recommendations for improvement. Perhaps some of these recommendations may be the same which will strengthen the case for action.”


The APGAW committee will be looking specifically at pedigree dog breeding, but the investigation funded by the KC and Dogs Trust will be looking at the breeding of all dogs, pedigree and non-pedigree, which could have significant and far reaching effects for all dogs.

The decision to share information was taken after Professor Bateson called on Mr Martlew and after a successful meeting they both felt that these two inquiries would be better informed if both parties shared all information.

Professor Bateson commenting on the decision to join forces with APGAW said, “ I believe the two reviews will complement each other very positively, with the APGAW investigation focusing on pedigree dogs and my Inquiry reviewing evidence relating to the breeding of both pedigree and non-pedigree dogs. I urge everyone with relevant information to submit it to one or both inquiries, so that our recommendations can be soundly based”. As APGAW has now closed its deadline for submissions, those involved in breeding of dogs whether pedigree or otherwise can contact Professor Bateson’s team.

On his appointment to head the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust review Professor Bateson stated that he recognized the “great importance of this review and the need to consult with a wide range of experts to safeguard the health and welfare of dogs in the future. I am confident that with the existing support, research and interest from the dog world it will be possible to develop practical recommendations that will considerably benefit both pedigree and non-pedigree dogs.”


This significant move by the two groups has been welcomed by the BVA, who last autumn were, also calling for an independent review into dog breeding in general. BVA President Nicky Paull said: “We pointed out that there was the genetic potential for health problems in any dog, regardless of whether or not it was pedigree registered and urged the active collaboration of all stakeholders in working together to improve the wellbeing of animals.

“We are delighted that APGAW and the Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding (set up by the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust) have agreed to collaborate and believe that the two reviews will both complement each other and add weight to the case for action. The BVA will, of course, be making submissions to both reviews.”

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