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Pet Blood Bank UK celebrates second birthday

Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBuk), the UK’s first national canine blood donation charity, is celebrating its second birthday this month.

Launched at Crufts in March 2005, PBBuk has helped to save the lives of thousands of dogs. To date, 1,200 dogs have been signed up to the charity’s register, and every time one of these dogs donates blood, it can potentially save the lives of four other dogs.

To celebrate the milestone, canine blood donors gathered at a blood collection session on March 5 at Vets4Pets in Sunderland – one of the many practices across the country that hosts collection services.

Maddi, a five-year-old black Labrador from the Durham area, was very sick and dehydrated. She was given a plasma transfusion from PBBuk when she failed to respond to prescribed medication. The transfusion provided her with some of the donor dog’s immunity so she was able to start fighting her infection. She responded so rapidly to the transfusion she was allowed home the next day.

Helen Maddison, Maddi’s owner, said: ‘After seeing the transformation the transfusion gave Maddi, I’m a great advocate of pet blood banks. Maddi was terribly ill and had gone downhill so rapidly we thought we were going to lose her. The transfusion saved her and she is back to her normal self now.’

Wendy Barnett, veterinary nurse and executive director of Pet Blood Bank UK, said: ‘We’re delighted to be celebrating our second birthday. We are constantly looking for new recruits to assist with this life-saving service for dogs. We hold regular blood collection sessions across the UK, similar to the human blood donation service. We are reliant on owners bringing their dogs to donate at local blood collection sessions because without these, we wouldn’t be able to supply blood products to vets across the UK to ensure they are able to perform lifesaving operations.’
The charity is also currently researching blood collection in cats and hopes to soon be extending its service to feline patients. Any profit made by PBBuk is re-invested into educational programmes, enabling ongoing research and awareness into the importance of a pet blood service.

* Pet owners wishing to enrol their dogs to donate blood in a collection service locally should contact PBBuk on 01509 232 222 or 0844 800 9925 (5p/min) or visit

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