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Dog 400 for Dogs for the Disabled!

Marie Carden and her Labrador Blue

Dogs for the Disabled – the national charity that trains dogs to help people with disabilities lead more independent lives – is celebrating its 400th adult partnership.

The milestone was reached when Marie Carden and her Labrador Blue successfully passed their final assessment at the charity’s national training centre in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Marie, who lives in Sandy, Bedfordshire, suffers from a condition that causes her joints to become stiff and painful. This means simple tasks like picking up objects and opening doors are often impossible for her to do.

With Blue constantly by her side she is now able to go about her daily life safe in the knowledge that he is ready to help out whenever required. This includes accompanying Marie in her role as a bereavement volunteer for Cruse – the charity that supports people with the loss of a loved one.

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