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Greyhound dumped with ears cut off

Yet more distressing news of a mutilated greyhound found on February 14th which had been dumped on wasteland near the village of Iron Acton.

Iron Acton, on the outskirts of Bristol, is situated less than 30 miles from Swindon dog track - a licensed stadium. Not only had this poor greyhound's ears been hacked off - to prevent the tracing of the last registered owner - the greyhound was heavily pregnant with six pups.

The RSPCA are hoping someone will recognise the dog, who is black with white markings under her chin and a white blaze between her forelegs, as well as two white spots on her throat.

RSPCA inspector John Atkinson said: This is a very distressing incident for all involved and we are investigating every possible avenue. If any member of the public saw people dumping the dog, or knows of a dog answering this description, I would urge them to contact the RSPCA at once.

We would ask all supporters to highlight not only this disgusting crime but also the exploitation of racing of greyhounds by writing to the Bristol Evening Post

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