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Pointer calendar raises much needed funds

Pictured from left to right: Karen Klein-Woolthius (Pointer Welfare in Scotland), Jonathan Ledger, Debbie Fuller, John Marsland (representing The Pointer Rescue Service), Val Kelly
and Eva-Maria Kastell.

Members of Ledgands Pointer Forum collaborated for months to produce a calendar to raise funds for less fortunate Pointers. As well as the usual calendar entry space, it contained over 48 colour photos of Pointers in informal settings. The front page photo was voted as the winning photograph in a competition by users of the forum.

In the autumn of 2008, the sale of 500 calendars raised a total of £4030.00 which was divided between The Pointer Rescue Service and Pointer Welfare in Scotland. The calendars were bought by Pointer lovers the world over fact calendars were sent to 22 countries, including New Zealand and Australia.

Jonathan Ledger from Ledgands commented, “this project has shown how people from across the spectrum, in all sorts of countries can work together to help support those that need it most. The response from the Pointer community was fantastic and very generous. It really goes a long way to demonstrating and ensuring that the Pointer breed is healthy and fit for purpose.”

Beryl Bugden, Hon Secretary of The Pointer Rescue said, “This donation creates a financial buffer to meet larger veterinary bills, transport and kennelling costs and enables The Pointer Rescue Service to help any Pointer, anywhere – and for that we are so grateful to everyone involved.’

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