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Bully Boyz calendar is a sell out!

Bulldog Rescue

BULLDOG RESCUE would like to thank all those who purchased a copy of their Bulldog Bully Boyz calendar, which was the brainchild of Paul & Pauline Reynolds and Hayley & Paul Seal to raise money for the charity.

The organisation, which is run by a network of volunteers, have so far sold 200 copies of the calendar raising a grand total of £1,235 that will go towards rehoming the many Bulldogs that pass through their doors each year.

All of the calendar boys are noted bulldoggers and were great sports for taking part - they were a huge success not only here but in the USA, Spain, Italy and many other countries. The ‘Bully Boyz’ in the calendar are Nick Barnsby, Graham Hurst, Geoff Lane, Danny Hodgkinson, Rob Harriss, Peter New, Paul Seal, Stephen Paull, and notably three KC members with kind permission, Paul Harding, Malcolm Presland and Glynn Payne.

Bulldog Rescue would also like to thank Mr Cavill for his attendance at the charity’s stand at Crufts on the Friday. Watch out for other rescue events starting with Rescue Day UK in June.

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