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Council’s microchipping scheme extends to HA tenants

WANDSWORTH COUNCIL introduced compulsary microchipping of all dogs owned by council tenants in December last year. As reported in OUR DOGS all council tenants and leaseholders must have their dogs chipped as a condition of their tenancy or lease agreements.

The aim is to build up a database of dogs living on borough estates to help tackle lost, stray and abandoned dogs and crack down on anti-social behaviour, such as dogs used for fighting or intimidation. The council has now agreed with the L&Q Housing Association Trust to extend their microchipping service for all housing association tenants. The microchipping scheme will not be compulsory for housing association tenants at present.

The L&Q Housing Association will be meeting the extra costs accrued by the council for the microchipping service being offered to housing association tenants, through money from a community fund for neighbourhood schemes. The money for these neighbourhood schemes is raised in a variety of ways from the tenants via rent, rent-to-buy schemes and outright sales of properties and other sources such as grants from government. The neighbourhood schemes fund community projects as diverse as employment training schemes, to enriching the local community with regeneration programmes. The Council microchipping service will be free to tenants who can provide evidence of their residency, not all tenants are allowed to keep dogs under their residency agreements. Other Wandsworth residents can also get their dogs microchipped and registered with the council for the nominal cost of £10.

Carol Hayton from L&Q said: ‘We think this is a really good scheme which will benefit both ourselves as landlord in dealing with issues on our schemes and our residents who are responsible dog owners and want to take care of their pets.’

Wendy Phillips, Public Affairs Manager for Wandsworth Borough Council, said: ‘The more dogs we have registered on our database, the more effective it will be. We know the vast majority of dog owners are responsible, but this database will help us deal with the few who are not. We would urge all the borough’s dog owners to take advantage of this microchipping service. As well as helping to reduce anti-social behaviour, it also gives pet owners peace of mind that, should their animal be lost, it can easily be traced.’

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