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Dog suffered 'excruciating' death

An appeal for information has been launched by the SPCA after a Labrador dog died in what have been described as ‘horrific circumstances’ .

The body of the black dog was found dumped by a small track at Midlem, near Selkirk. It appears the dog had been hit twice on the head with a blunt object and an attempt had been made to cut its throat.

A Scottish SPCA spokesman said that a post-mortem examination showed the dog would have died an ‘excruciatingly painful death filled with terror’.

Ch Supt Mike Flynn, of the Scottish SPCA, said: ‘The dog has been struck with a heavy blunt object twice, once on the muzzle, penetrating through its sinus, and once more on the head causing muscle damage. ‘However, this did not kill her and whoever did this then tried to slit the dog's throat, but again, they did this very badly and this did not end her suffering.’

He said a forensic expert had advised them that the dog had died from a combination of shock, stress and bleeding. ‘It appears someone has decided that this dog's time was up and has taken it upon themselves to end her life in one of the most traumatic ways imaginable. It is beyond belief that someone, who is very likely to have kept this dog as a faithful pet for many years, could have allowed or caused it to die in such horrific circumstances.

Ch Supt Flynn urged the dog's owner to come forward, or anyone who may have seen anything in the area around 9 March to contact them.

The body of the elderly female dog was found earlier this month in the same area, subsequent investigations showed she had been the victim of a vicious attack.

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Barbaric! is not the word for it. I just hope and pray that the courts REALLY make an example for once and send out a CLEAR, STRONG MESSAGE that animal cruelty like this will NOT be tolerated. A substantial JAIL sentence is required.

A Black