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GSD would love to meet...

Lancashire GSD Rescue would love to talk to you if you think you can help rehome any of the following dogs:

ScoobyHello my name is Scooby and I came from Derry in Northern Ireland where Rainbow Rescue took me in. My neighbour told them about me as I wasn’t really wanted where I lived. They rang Ted of Lancashire German Shepherd Rescue who said he would take us all. Jo and Caroline brought us over on the Ferry then drove us down to Lancashire where we met Ted. They went home the same night and had been awake over 24 hours by the time they got home.

I’m between 2 and 4 years old and a very lovable lad – give lots of kisses out. I’m afraid I’m a little on the portly side but now that I’m only having one meal a day I should slim down a little. Get a few more walks under my collar too and I’ll be grand. I eat well and eat whatever I am given – even seconds! Nothing seems to upset my tum that I have tried so far. My coat is the standard black and tan and I’m really good about being brushed even my tail and having my ears cleaned. I have had the first part of my vaccinations and am due the other one soon. I’ve no history to give you but I’ve been a good boy with all I have met so far but not come across any cats or children so far.

The Lancashire German Shepherd Rescue telephone either Ted Kewley on 01772 633 860 (m) 07754 156 189 or Jan Hill on 07742 277 304 if you can offer a home to one of these lovely dogs.

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