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Miniature Pinscher walks again following broken neck

A MINIATURE Pinscher has defied the odds to walk again after he was left in a full body cast for a month following an attack which left him with a broken neck.

Seven-year-old Fudge recently spent four weeks in the plaster after being attacked by an Akita, which broke his neck and smashed bones in his back whilst out walking in December.

Fudge was rushed to the PDSA in Bradford, West Yorks, though vets were not convinced he would survive and it seemed impossible he would walk again. John Taylor, the PDSA senior veterinary surgeon, said: ‘The x-rays showed he had a broken neck, his second vertebra. The prognosis for such injuries isn't good. His extensive injuries meant Fudge was unable to stand or use his front legs. The odds of him walking again were certainly stacked against him, but we weren't going to give up easily.’

The veterinary team stitched up Fudge's wounds and placed him in a full body cast to hold his broken bones in place. In order to be effective, the cast had to immobilise his head and neck while allowing enough movement for him to breathe.

Fudge then spent nearly four weeks at PDSA, having two further casts fitted as he healed. Mr Taylor added: ‘Fudge wasn't able to walk or stand up in his cast so he needed extensive nursing care. He received physiotherapy and massages every day to get his legs working again.’
The day after having his cast removed Fudge was allowed to return to his owner.

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