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An appreciation of the late Leslie Page

WITH THE passing of Leslie, the dog fancy has lost one of its great judges. Having been retired for some years he would not be so well known to new fanciers, but his knowledge was second to none.

Spending a lifetime in dogs, he had developed ‘an eye for a dog’ - although one always felt he was a ‘natural’! He could make a reliable assessment of a dog in a split second. Whenever I had the opportunity, I still liked to sit next to Leslie at the ringside, his sharp brain and keen eye was with him until the end - one could always learn something new from him.

His mother bred very fine Great Danes, and when James Voase Rank was getting his stock together after the First World War to found what was to become the famous ‘Ouborough’ kennels, he was able to buy from Mrs Page a handsome harlequin dog by the name of Ch Marcus of Walsall.

I will remember Leslie for his always dapper, smart appearance, beautiful suits and highly polished shoes that would have given credit to any soldier. Polite, generous, a perfect English gentleman of the ‘old school’. They don’t make them like Leslie Page anymore - more’s the pity.

Jean Lanning

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