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National Police Dog Trials 2009

Police Dog Trials

THE NATIONAL Police Dog Trials, an annual event that tests the searching, tracking, obedience and man-work of both handler and dog, is due to take place for the 49th time between 23rd & 26th April 2009 at Leeds Castle.

Competitors at the trials represent police forces around the UK (Scotland, England, Ireland & Wales), and in order to be eligible for the competition they have had to qualify from their respective 'Force' and 'Regional Trials'. Organisers anticipate there being around 30 entrants to this event, which Kent Police in particular has been extremely successful at in recent times, having won six national police dog titles in the last four years.

This event dates back to 1963 when Stanley Peck introduced the first national Police Dog Trial to the UK and the competition has been held every year apart from 1968 and 2001 when there were outbreaks of foot and mouth.

The events overarching aim is the 'pursuit of excellence' in terms of both handler and dog, as a team. It promotes the 'dog team' within the wider policing family and the vital role they play in modern law enforcement. Furthermore, the event encourages the professional development of the handlers and their forces, giving competitors an opportunity to share good practice.

Insofar as the 2009 National Police Dog Trials are concerned, organisers hope to give the public an insight into some of the work that they do on their behalf, to promote reassurance and to demonstrate how dog teams support local policing and communities.

Spectators coming to the event will be allowed free admission to view the trials. Refreshments (teas, coffees etc) will also be available. At the conclusion of the trials on 26th April, a formal parade and presentation will be held at the Castle grounds for the winning dog teams.


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