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Healthy attendance at canine sports seminar

THE KENNEL Club’s third annual canine sports seminar was a great success, attracting eighty delegates who learned how to ensure that their dogs stay as fit and healthy as possible, through their participation in dog sports and activities.

The seminar, entitled ‘A Scientific Approach to the Canine Athlete’ took place on 15th March at the Kennel Club building in Stoneleigh and was attended by people from a cross-section of dog sports and hobbies, including agility, cani-cross, field trials, dog showing and obedience. The delegates came from all areas of the canine world and included veterinary professionals, dog trainers, breeders and hydrotherapists.

The event explored how to prepare a dog for active sports and how to treat and prevent possible injuries, through the medium of presentations, practical sessions and Q & A sessions.
Speakers at the event were Lowri Davies, who gave a veterinary perspective on training and rehabilitation; Julie Boxall and Tace Allen, speaking about canine massage therapy; Marisa Pinnock, talking about Mctimoney Chiropractic and Barbara Houlding gave a presentation about gait analysis and conformation.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club spokesperson, said: ‘We are delighted that so many dog lovers came along to the seminar and showed their commitment to ensuring that dogs remain injury free as they participate in those sports and hobbies that are designed to improve dogs’ health and wellbeing.

‘The Kennel Club believes that every dog should be fit enough to perform the original function for which it was bred, which is the fundamental basis of our Fit for Function: Fit for Life campaign and dog sports and hobbies are a great way to ensure that dogs stay in a condition that would enable them to achieve this.

‘The feedback received from the delegates about our third canine sports seminar was very positive, with many commenting on the depth of knowledge shown by the presenters and the usefulness of the seminar content. We look forward to hosting the event again in 2010.’

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