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Attack on dog filmed

A shocked WSS owner has told of his shock and sadness after a 12-year-old was filmed beating and kicking his dog whilst out walking his puppy for him.

The schoolgirl was seen kneeing, slapping and stamping on stunned Jasper in a 13-minute film taken by a neighbour was was concerned after seeing other incidents of her bullying dogs in fields near her home in West Yorkshire. The girl is seen kicking the pup 14 times, kneeing it 26 times and hitting it with its lead eight times. She slaps it 17 times and stamps on it ten times.

Jasper’s owner Ray Green choked back tears after seeing the horrific film. Mr Green, who uses a mobility scooter, had let the girl — the daughter of a close pal — take the 18-month-old dog for walks.

Mr Green said: “I’ve seen enough. I can’t believe it. Jasper is a playful thing and is well-treated. She was supposed to be teaching him to walk on a lead. What she did is not right. I am really shocked.”

The girl’s family were stunned when they saw the video — and revealed they had thought that she was an “animal lover”. The family has a cat — and had planned to buy the girl a puppy.

The neighbour who filmed the sickening footage said: “I’d seen her jerk his lead before but nothing like this.

I couldn’t believe it. It looked like torture. The dog was cowering. It tried to defend itself but she just punched it hard. She should be banned from having a pet for at least ten years. I hope the authorities take some action.”

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This young lady has some serious problems, like was she so unhappy in her home that she had to take this aggression out on this puppy? just think, it could be worse,like a human, its bad enough it was this young puppy, the Mother and Father of this young lady need to be brought into this affair, to me in the picture this young lady appears to have a weight problem, it could be the cause of her aggression to animals and others, please nip this in the bud for everyone sake.

George Levecque

Agreed with above comment ..the girl clearly has  a weght problem and she possible has a lot built up of anger and low self esteem  she possible owns a ps2 and sits around it all day Eating and playing violent games on it then reinacts, it or maybe she has been brought up in a violent atmosphere, she needs help with her aggresion, the poor dog must have been shocked to be treated in that manner.
And yes it could be a human next time or even a baby/child .....and what of the family cat what has she done to that poor creture in the past?  Maybe the RSPCA should be checking that animal is   ok...


What in heavens name does a weight problem have to do with her disgusting bad behavior.
why do people keep making excuses for other people's meanness?
sure the kid has a problem, she needs a counselor, and her parents need to be there too!
to do this to a pet, heaven only knows what she would do to a child is she was babysitting.

Jeanette fossum