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Rip record makes record amount

Spink of London auctioned the Dickin medal awarded to Rip, a stray terrier adopted by Mr E King on the 24th April for a record £24,250. The medal was awarded to Rip in July 1945 for his life saving work during the Blitz despite the danger to himself.

Mr King was on duty as an Air Raid Precaution Warden, when he found Rip. Rip soon became the team mascot and unofficial search dog. Rip was not trained for this type of search and rescue work but would instinctively search the rubble for victims and letting Mr King know when he had found somebody. Many people owed their lives to Rip. Rip was not a young dog when he began his search and rescue career, although he served throughout the five years of the war. In 1946 he became ill and unfortunately did not survive.

Speaking about the sale, PDSA Corporate PR Manager Caroline Garbett said: “All of the PDSA Dickin Medals are very special items and their real value is in the story of the animal recipient. Rip was a life-saving dog, locating people buried in the ruins of the Blitz.

To the people he saved and their families he was a true hero. This Medal is a testament to his bravery in the face of danger.”

Only sixty-two Dickin Medals have been awarded twenty-six of these have been awarded to dogs. Recognised as the animals’ Victoria Cross, the PDSA Dickin Medal is the highest honour for any animal displaying conspicuous gallantry in conflict.

It is awarded to any animal that is instrumental in saving human or animal life when its own life is in jeopardy or through outstanding devotion to duty.

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