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Ransom demanded for stolen Boxer

A dog thief has demanded a £300 ransom for the safe return of a Boxer puppy stolen from a garden in Dorset, police have said.

Eleven-month-old Roxy was taken from outside a house in Verwood, on the afternoon of 21 April.

The next day owner Abbie Carne, 19, got a call on her mobile phone from a man who hung up when she said she would not pay up without seeing Roxy.

‘Everyone's upset, we just want her back,’ Ms Carne said. ‘What kind of person would do this?’
Pc Joanna Wharton, from Dorset Police, said: ‘The dog's owner received a call from a man asking for £300 for the safe return of her dog.

This is a most unpleasant crime and whoever stole the dog and contacted Abby must know her, or know of her, as the call was made to her on her mobile phone.

Roxy is a pet and part of the family and to have her stolen in such circumstances is horrendous.

I need to hear from witnesses who saw anyone in the Monmouth Drive area last Tuesday acting suspiciously, possibly leading the puppy away from the area.’

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