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RSPCA in TV call for donations

The RSPCA last week launched an appeal for donations on GMTV, the early morning news programme, which advertised the fact that it was RSPCA week. The Society was also running adverts appealing for funds on the same regional channels.

This has caused outrage amongst pedigree dog owners and breeders, who feel that the drop in donations is a direct result of many withdrawing their goodwill following the comments made by chief vet, Mark Evans, saying that pedigree dogs were ‘mutants’ on last year’s Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

Wendy Brooks of the Jinnybrux Boxers told OUR DOGS: ‘We should make the public aware of where these donations go, as most think they go to help the rescued dogs. We know they don't. The donations go into the organistion's coffers; the only money from this which the individual rescue kennels receive is to train their staff to raise their own money for the upkeep of the dogs.
Wendy continued: ‘I have written to GMTV making them aware of this.Please send your opinion on the RSPCA to GMTV. (Just search GM.TV and then there is a 'contact us' to click on.) Let's make our voice heard!’

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RSPCA centres are all self funding,and hold shows to raise funds,are they not shooting themselves in the foot???? I don't breed show, but lots of people who do use companion shows to help youngsters get used to the ring,and to help raise money for worthy causes. I think its about time they started looking into puppy farming and neglect cases instead of stopping people having a good day out.