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Steps forward for GSMD

GREAT Swiss Mountain Dog

THE GREAT Swiss Mountain Dog is another step closer to its goal, with the proposed GSMD Club of Great Britain having received a KC letter regarding the Breed Standard acceptance.

The KC has agreed that an interim breed standard should be drawn up so at its meeting in the summer 2009 this will commence. Once the interim standard is approved and issued the GSMDs here and abroad can be shown in AV Import Register Breed classes only until numbers for classes can be looked at.

The club website went live on Sunday 3rd May 2009, and visitors can now browse and seek information on all matters concerning the Great Swiss Mountain Dogs in the UK. There are articles to read and updates on and all news on the breed in the UK will be available on this website.

The club has the dog’s as the prime concern and the Club will promote responsible dog ownership in all areas; carry out all health screens on our adults from 1 year of age which include Hip, Elbow and Shoulder x-rays and scoring, yearly eye testing to 7 years, microchipping all adults and puppies, DNA profiling all adults and puppies, Heart testing all adults from 1 year and carrying out temperament tests on all adults after 1 year of age. All breeders will take back their breedings to re-home and anyone who has any problems regarding rehoming is welcome to contact the breed club for further advice and assistance. Anyone contacting the breed club will be welcomed and given advice and assistance.

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