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Man banned after dog found in rubbish bin

Following an investigation and successful prosecution by the RSPCA, a Lincolnshire man - John Knibbs of Grantham - has been banned from keeping or owning animals indefinitely after he admitted dog fighting charges. He also admitted causing unnecessary suffering to two Presa de Canarias dogs, commonly known as Canary dogs in fighting dog terminology. Mr Knibbs has no rights to appeal this ruling for at least ten years.

HollyRSPCA inspectors were appalled to find the emaciated carcass of Holly, a tan coloured bull terrier, stuffed into a rubbish bin at his home when they investigated reports last spring. A further five pit bull terrier type dogs were found in his back yard.

Dog fighting equipment including breaking sticks, weighing scales, medications and an exercise frame used to train dogs for fights were among other items such as DVDs of dog fights found at Knibbs’ home.

The sentence imposed on John Knibbs last Monday at Grantham Magistrates Court included a 22 week custodial sentence and the ban from keeping and owning animals, although to any dog lover this sentence will seem derisory and unlikely to deter dog fighters from their evil trade.

Chief Inspector Mike Butcher, of the RSPCA’s Special Operations Unit said, “This man was clearly a dog fighter. It is a barbaric activity and one, that many people might think no longer exists in modern society. However, this case shows there are still those who pursue dog fighting and, while they continue to do so, the RSPCA will continue to pursue them.”

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