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Pugs die on India flight

The owner of two Pugs dogs that died on a Jet Airways flight in India has threatened to sue the airline for alleged negligence.

Rajendra Tandon flew with his dogs Batnu and Jimmy from Mumbai (Bombay) to Delhi on Saturday afternoon. On arrival, he was told by the private airline that the dogs had died because of a "lack of oxygen". The airline has denied the charges of negligence. A spokeswoman said they regretted the incident.

‘I gave them two healthy and happy pugs and they returned me two dead ones,’ the Times of India newspaper quoted Mr Tandon as saying. He said this was not the first time his pugs had been on a flight and accused the airline of negligence. It is a case of sheer negligence and I will take the faulty airline to court so that such incidents don't recur, he said.

A spokeswoman for Jet Airways denied the charge. ‘We carry live animals on our flights regularly. We make our cargo hold suitable for them with the right air pressure,’ Sriroopa Sen told the BBC.I don't know what caused the deaths, we regret the incident,’ she said.

Pugs became a popular breed of pets in India after one appeared in a hugely successful advertisement for a mobile telephone service. They are much coveted and sell for more than 20,000 rupees ($400)

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