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Trauma after dog attack on sheep

A HAMPSHIRE sheep farmer has told of her horror after witnessing a dog attacking her flock, leaving four ewes and lambs badly injured.

Another twenty of her livestock were also bitten by the dog who ran free in a field on the farm near Sparsholt, Winchester, last Wednesday.

Rachel Whaldron says her flock has been left traumatised and warns dog owners to keep their animals away from sheep and other livestock

She and her father, Nick, who also runs the farm, fear the dog has had a ‘taste of blood’ and could return.

‘It was absolutely horrifying,’ said Ms Whaldron.

Farmers are allowed to shoot dogs found worrying sheep. The said Whaldrons they did not want to take that step but added they may have to as a last resort.

‘It's been devastating to see the scenes that we saw yesterday, with the dog actually out here and afterwards seeing the ewes so distressed,’ added Ms Whaldron.

NFU Mutual, historically a farming insurance firm, said there were 145 reported incidents of ‘sheep worrying’ in the UK in 2007. The number of incidents rose to 182 last year, costing farmers in the UK £1m.

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