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Kennel Club AGM - News in Brief

The 1999 Crufts Show made a surplus of £409,859, an 11% rise on 1998 when the surplus was £363,856. Income was up £135,096 to £2,580,343, a rise of 5.5% on 1998. The 2000 Crufts show made a surplus of £348,471 - £50,000 less than 1999. Income in 2003 was up by 2.5% to £2,646,352. The 2001 ‘May’ Crufts achieved income of £2,522,039 some £147,323 less than 2000 but still showed a surplus of £270,228 - £73,178 less (-21%) on the previous year. In 2002 the show produced a surplus of £346,209 up by £75,981 on the delayed 2001 show from an income of £2,732,840. In 2003 the show made a surplus of £564,714 out of a turnover of £2,972,929 but this was topped in 2004 with a record surplus of £707,132 when, the turnover reached £3.2m for the first time. In 2005 the surplus was £618,000 on a turnover of £3.3m. Insurance and professional charges doubled to £61,000 and advertising and public relations activities were up by £26,000 to £253,000. Gate, catalogue and seating income was again £1.1m. The 2006 event’s surplus was down to 530,000 on a turnover of £3.45m. Venue costs had gone up to £1.96m and advertising, press and public relations was up by £45,000. In 2007 the Crufts surplus was £444,00020on a turnover of £3.8m. For the first time the venue costs topped £2m at £2.3m with advertising, press and PR costing £317,000 up £19,000 on 2006. Last year show made £443,000 with income of £4m despite NEC costs of £2.52m

The 1999 Discover Dogs lost £17,612 compared with losses of £6,060 in 1998, £4,000 in 1997 and 359,000 in 1996 - the first ever event. In 2000, Discover Dogs lost £13,790. In 2001 the event lost £20,248. The losses continued in 2002 with a deficit of £32,299 and in 2003 with £21,780 lost. This trend continued in 2004 with a loss of £47,572, in 2005, a £81,000 loss, in 2006 with a loss of £64,000 in 2007 a £32,000 loss and in 2008 with a loss of £57,000.

The Kennel Club income from registrations, which decreased by some 17% in 1999, was £2,051,164 compared to figures of £1,842,045 in 1998. In 1999, the registration fee was increased to £10 from January 1st. Registration income was up in 2000 to £2,078,196. In 2001 income from registrations was down to £1,939,238. The 2002 figures showed a combined figure of ‘Registration activities’ of £5,206,528 of which £2,333,527 was registration fee income. In 2003 ‘Registration activities’ realised £5,962,099 with registrations showing a 8.6% increase and transfers a 12.9% increase. In 200 4 the rise in income continued to £6,459,684 - the Kennel Club refusing to breakdown the figure as they considered them too commercially sensitive - in 2005 this rose to £6,890,000, to £7,168,000 in 2006, to £7,656,000 in 2007 and up to £8,107,000 in 2008.

Kennel Club Healthcare Services (insurance) continues to attract increased income with this reaching £1,252,623 in 1999, an increase of 8% on 1998 when it topped the £1 million mark for the first time. In 2000 this continued to rise to £1,405,321. In 2001 the increase continued apace - up by almost a £1m to £2,176,716 with a slight drop to £2,103,641 in 2002 and to £2,103,005 in 2003. For the first time ever the income hit £2.5m in 2004, topped £2.6m in 2005 and £2.7m in 2006. The figure for 2007 was the same at £2.7m but there was also a one off addition sum of £1.2 after the sale of Pet Partners to Agria the Swedish insurance giant. This sum was used by the Kennel Club to establish the trust to administer the new show centre at Stoneleigh. Last year the figure remained the same at £2.7m.

PetLog income rose in 1999 - 48% up to £528,854 compared with £276,475 in 1998. The 1998 figure had increased by 55% on the previous year where additions to the database were increasing by 12,000 entries per month. In 2000, this was down 26,000 to £482,832. The year 2001 saw a further decrease (-42%) with income of £279,867. The year 2002 saw the relaunch of PetLog with PetLog Plus offering a one-off fee of £10 to cover future address changes and updates on holiday information. Over 400,000 pet owners each year use PetLog. In 2003 income rose by another 11%. The Kennel Club have refused to breakdown the figure for 2004 and 2005 as they considered it too commercially sensitive but the 2005 annual report indicates that there were some 440,000 PetLog registrations and 38,000 PetLog Plus registrations. The year 2006 saw PetLog registrations up by 40,000 to 480,000 and PetLog Plus (now rebranded as PetLog Premium) registrations up to 45,000. In 2007 these figures were lumped together with registration and healthcare services. In 2008 Petlog registrations were by 3% on the previous year and the uptake of Petlog Premium was up by 17% over the year.

It now costs the Kennel Club £2.52 million to hire five halls, the Arena and the Pavilion at the NEC for Crufts Show.

In 2000, KC Marketing and Public Relations costs rose to £293,967 from £182,456 in 1999. In 2001 this rose to £353,671, to £371,851 in 2002 and to £611,718 in 2003. The year 2004 saw a decrease to £554,142 but this increased to £834,000 in 2005, a rise of 50%. Registrations and ‘healthcare’ accounted for £8.95million of Kennel Club income in 2004 - a rise of almost £1m on the previous year. The increase continued in 2005 to £9.49m and on to £9.86m in 2006. The year 2007 saw the Kennel Club income totalled £13.5m of which £11.6m was registration and healthcare. External relations now costs £1m, education £1.8m, canine activities £2.3m and health, welfare and charity £3.1m. Last year income totalled £11.5m of which £10.8m was registration and healthcare. External relations costs £1m, education £1.9m, canine activities £2.3m and health, welfare and charity £3.2m.

The Kennel Club estimated the cost of the Pedigree Dogs Exposed programme to £500,000 in additional PR and legal costs. They also increased expenditure on external relations to cope with the additional pressure on them to respond to criticism as a result of the programme.

Kennel Club committee travel expenses was up to £308,000 last year compared to £280,000 in 2007.

The Kennel Club now employs 184 staff and five agency workers.

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