CC roundup

At the Eastern Counties Dachshund Assoc champ Show on October 31, Min Smooths were judged by Katherine Herrington with the DCC Shelton's Barisse High Endeavour (BOB), RDCC Ergis' Ch. Siouxline Indigo JW ShCM, BCC Melbourne's Melriding Creole Lady and RBCC Hunt's Ch. Carpaccio Royal Parade. Long-haired were judged by Barbara Metcalfe with the DCC Mitchell's Bronia Classic Legacy (BOB); RDCC McFaul's Ch. Ir. Ch. Dachville Distant Dream; BCC McFaul's Ch. Ir. Ch. Dachville Perfect Blend and RBCC Johnson's Bronia Design Flair at Africandawns. Wire-haired were judged by Ruth-Lockett-Walters with DCC Moore & Coverley's Ex Sentia I'm Bond James Bond (Imp); RDCC McCalmont's Silvae Paradigm, BCC Bates & Maes-Jones' Derochaise Black Orchid (BOB) and RBCC McCalmont's Ch. Silvae Zest

Over to the Midland English Springer Championship Show which was held on November 1. Dog CC Corbetts Sh Ch Trimere Thriller, Dog RCC Calverts Calvdale Point Of Law, Bitch CC & BOB Calvert & Chandlers Calvdale Litigant JW, Bitch RCC Sh Ch Melverly Sublimity and Best Puppy In Show Guys Calvdale False Arrest

The Tibetan Spaniel Association Championship show took place on October 31, and the judge was Ian Blackshaw. his Dog CC Tinamba Angel of the Locket owned by Mrs T P Poyser and Mrs T Bodell, Bitch CC and BOB Bio Bios Next Top Model owned by Dr H E Almey.


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