Wagger: social networking for dogs!

If your adored Spaniel has been spending too much of his leisure time curled up on the sofa he can now join the rest of us in front of his computer screen chatting to his chums and sharing photos and videos.

Yes, social networking for dogs has arrived in a big way with wagger.co.uk, a totally original website that has launched this autumn. Whilst putting your dog’s photos online is nothing new, Wagger introduces a fresh twist by being completely ‘dog- centric’ – when you click ‘update status’ it is the dog’s status you are updating not the dog owners. The dog can even specify his current relationship status; ‘I am the kennel stud!’ or ‘I am looking for a breeding partner’. Your dog can join groups such as ‘Exeter Bichons’ or start a network such as ‘puppy agility training’ or maybe a network for dogs who travel to European shows. The site also has a forum area where new members can introduce themselves and exchange thoughts on ‘doggy business’. So will all this really improve your dog’s keyboard skills? Maybe not, but by shifting the emphasis squarely onto the dog rather than the owner will gain Wagger a lot of fans. Wagger is already busy in the UK and abroad with dozens of new sign ups every week. The site will be a boon to dog walkers and sitters since they are already involved in ‘groups’, so organising their work contacts through the Wagger site will be a natural aid to their daily lives. Membership of the site is absolutely free of charge and totally addictive both for you and your dog!

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