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KC expresses concern over critiques

The Kennel Club this week expressed its concern at the increasing number of letters it has been receiving from Breed Clubs/Councils and individuals relating to the non-publication of judges’ critiques.

In its Regulation F(1)22.d. states; ‘All Judges at Championship Shows and Open Breed Club Shows must produce a written critique for the first two placings in each class, and will dispatch these to at least one of the weekly United Kingdom Canine journals.’ OUR DOGS encourages judges to write critiques up to third place.

In the last 12 months, the Kennel Club has written to a total of 172 judges concerning the non-publication of critiques.

Of the 172 judges that were written to, 16 still failed to produce a critique when prompted by the Kennel Club. This resulted in a letter be being sent to these judges confirming that no further nominations to award Challenge Certificates (CCs) would considered by the Committee until a critique was supplied.

The Kennel Club now has a system in place to monitor repeat offenders. It is hoped that there will be a significant drop in the number of times that judges have to be chased for their critiques.


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