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PC denies car death charges

THE POLICEMAN at the centre of the tragic death of German Shepherd Dogs this week pleaded not guilty when he appeared before a Magistrates’ Court.

Pc Mark Johnson left the two dogs in a police car outside Nottinghamshire Police Headquarters in June. This was despite temperatures reaching the mid 80s, and also the fact that there were kennels in which he could have placed the dogs while he went inside.

The dogs, 10-year-old Jet and 18-month-old Jay-Jay, were found in the back of Pc Johnson's car. He has denied causing unnecessary suffering to the dogs.

It is understood that Jet came third at last year's National Police Dog Championship and that Jay-Jay was being trained to replace the older dog.

The 40-year-old handler was ‘too ill’ to attend his first court hearing which was held in September.
The RSPCA is bringing the prosecution, accusing Pc Johnson of "unnecessarily confining them in an environment that was detrimental to their well-being".


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