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Goldie display team to star in video

Southern Golden Retriever Society's Display Team The Southern Golden Retriever Society's Display Team recently helped in an amusing experiment being carried out by New Scientist journalist Richard Fisher.

Richard had been asked by his editor to prepare a light-hearted article on "What makes a video go viral on youtube?" for the Christmas edition of the magazine, which will be published in late December. Richard needed to make his own video and wanted something eye-catching and unusual and hit on the idea of using the Team's dogs to demonstrate various scientific principles, for example: the solar system, structure of an atom, how water forms.

Team Manager, Karen Menter said, "It was one of the oddest things we have done, but as Richard had got our dogs to propose to his girlfriend a couple of years ago we shouldn't have been surprised. It was hilarious to do and we hope it will take off on youtube."

Richard said "To have any hope of an impact on youtube, you need something fun and utterly original, so I immediately thought of the golden retriever team, who I had first met two years ago. I'm really glad they agreed to help with the idea. I can safely say that a film of 20-plus dogs illustrating atomic physics with their movements is a world-first. It was great fun to film, and I hope the team enjoyed it as much as I did."

The final video called "Pets Teach Science: 16 Golden Retrievers Explain Atoms" can now be accessed at

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